North East Arts Therapies group (NEAT)

NEAT is a network of Arts Therapists who live and work in the Yorkshire, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear regions

About NEAT

NEAT is a network of Arts Therapists from all four modalities (Art, Dance Movement, Drama and Music) who live and work in the Yorkshire, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear regions.

The aim of NEAT is to create opportunities for networking, supervision, CPD and work opportunities.

It is a multi-modal group which give members the opportunity to learn about and share practice and experiences.

We hold an annual two-day conference and regular CPD events.

The conference is held in a beautiful venue and offers an opportunity to network, share practice, reflect and re-charge. The conference also welcomes trainees and newly qualified people giving them an opportunity to meet more experienced colleagues, ask questions about professional practice and be exposed to the other arts therapies modalities.

Upcoming NEAT Events

  • 6th North East Arts Therapy Group (NEAT) Conference,

          Saturday 2nd  and Sunday 3rd April 2022, York

Two days of presentations and experiential workshops, sharing of practice, and opportunities for networking and personal and professional reflection. For Creative Arts Psychotherapists and trainees who live and work in the Yorkshire and Northumbria, Tyne and Wear regions.


“The North East Arts Therapy (NEAT) conference is a great way for arts therapists of all disciplines to get to learn about how we each work, the similarities and differences as well as the possibilities for future collaboration. It has a strong northern focus, however most important of all perhaps, it is a celebration of how arts therapists collectively are making a difference in enabling those with whom we work to live more fulfilled lives. Long may it continue as a source of inspiration to us all. Thank you Allison for your work in making this happen.”

– Richard

“I particularly look forward to the NEAT conference. It’s great to see familiar faces who share the challenges of the isolation that comes from working in places where Arts therapies are not so well understood and employed. However the thing I enjoy above all else is the inspirational discoveries that come from multi-modality working. I came away from the weekend feeling like I was one of many Arts Therapists in Yorkshire rather than one of a dozen or so Dramatherapists in my region. My thanks to Allison Bakari-Singer whose experience as a Dramatherapist and Dance Movement Psychotherapist and whose interest in Music Therapy and Art Therapy enables her to have such a brave vision.”

– Louise

“I had such a positive experience as both participant and presenter when attending Allison’s recently curated NEAT Conference/Retreat in York. She demonstrated a gentle and clear sensitivity to achieve the best from everyone. It was an inspiring and engaging process in building community.”

– Susan