York Dance Movement Psychotherapy Centre offers a multi-modal, integrative, creative arts approach to Psychotherapy.

Alongside talking we use a range of creative arts media including dance, movement and embodied experience; narrative, myth and story; visual imagery; and the voice and music. This integrated approach gives you the opportunity to explore your relationship to yourself, others and the world around you in a safe, creative and playful environment; and can help you develop insight, understanding and possibilities for change.

The therapies used include:

Dance Movement Psychotherapy

The foundation of Dance Movement Psychotherapy is understanding of the relationship between the body and mind. The body and movement are used as media of communication and expression and a means to process difficult emotions and experiences. Through engagement with dance, movement and embodied processes we work towards the integration of the emotional, cognitive, physical, social and spiritual aspects of the self. Breath and vocal improvisation may also be used to create a deeper connection with the self; and drawing, painting and crafts used to externalize and bring meaning to the embodied experiences.


In Dramatherapy, the healing aspects of drama and theatre are integrated within the psychotherapeutic process. We work with myths, fairytales, personal stories, puppets, masks, objects, writing and dreams to explore emotions and feelings, relationships with self and others, and past experiences. Improvisation and play are used to facilitate creative processes, imagination, learning, insight and growth. Symbol and metaphor are central to this work and allow unconscious processes to come into consciousness.

An integrated approach

In each session we move between a range of creative arts media as the work demands, using talking to bring understanding to the psychotherapeutic process.

Sessions take place in a one-to-one or group context.

During your initial consultation with a senior practitioner, you will have the opportunity to discuss the issues you are facing and the frequency and form of your therapy. You can also ask questions you have about the process and practicalities of being in therapy.

You may wish to access this approach to psychotherapy because you have experienced anxiety, bereavement and loss, chronic illness, depression,  trauma, or a significant change in your personal or professional life such as divorce, loss of employment.

No previous experience is necessary.


“Before beginning therapy with Allison, I recall feeling nervous, the uncertainty of what would surface and how it would be met was somewhat frightening for me. Yet, as the process of therapy began, I felt I had quickly developed a strong therapeutic relationship with Allison. Allison is a fantastic therapist, her passion for what she does is evident. The sessions felt safe and valued, and quickly Allison was able to carve out a safe space for me to feel able to open up and explore my experiences. “

– Sarah

“I’ve worked with Allison for almost a year, she is a kind, experienced and skillful therapist. Working creatively with her using movement, art and story has helped me understand and resolve current challenges and past difficulties. and time to be myself. It’s been such a positive journey for me – long may it continue!”

– Emma

“I had my first ever Dramatherapy experience with Allison. The varied experiential sessions opened up my imagination to explore my current life issues through different media. I was able to look back at my journey and begin to understand more about myself. Allison created a very calming atmosphere whereby I felt safe to be with my feelings in the here-and-now and was able to work through these creatively in the space.”

– Vicki

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